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1. Get tickets to a midnight screening of a horror movie. Or, if that sounds too scary, see a fun, spooky cartoon like The Addams Family.

2. Take her to a haunted house — or a haunted corn maze where costumed characters jump out from the darkness.

3. Visit a psychic and have your tarot cards read, your aura read, or your palms read.

4. Play horror games together. It’s like watching a movie, except you’re involved in the action. You can try playing a classic like The Last Of Us, Silent Hill, or Until Dawn. Or you can play something more recent like Man of Medan or Blair Witch.

5. Head to the craft store to put together a couple’s costume for Halloween. Try Cosmo and Wanda, Harley and The Joker, or Eleven and Dustin.

6. Make decorations with cheap materials you find at the craft store or dollar store. Or skip a few steps and buy already made decorations at Target. Either way, you should use them to fill your apartment so your spooky vibes last throughout the entire month of October.

7. Take her on a coffee date so you can sip pumpkin spice lattes. You might even find a cafe that will create a ghost design in the foam!

8. Take a ghost tour somewhere in your town that claims to actually be haunted.

9. On the nights when you’re in the mood for a drink, make some spooky Halloween themed cocktails. You can even freeze fake spiders into your ice cubes!

10. Find a Halloween bar crawl near you. Then you don’t have to make your own drinks. You can simply dress up and hop from bar to bar.

11. Challenge her to a pumpkin carving contest. Then place both of your creations outside for kids to see while they’re trick or treating at the end of the month.

12. Bake Halloween themed desserts. You can shape rice krispies into the shape of pumpkins or bake brownies that look like tombstones — or create anything else you find on Pinterest.

13. Volunteer to work at a safe Halloween or a trunk or treat event in your town. Those are events where young children can trick or treat in a safe space instead of going door to door.

14. See if your city holds a zombie run marathon. That’s where you run from people dressed as zombies and hope they don’t catch up to you and steal the flag in your pocket. If they do, you get infected!

15. Create a Halloween playlist to listen to together. Make sure you include classics like The Monster Mash, This Is Halloween, and Love Potion Number 9. 

16. Light a bonfire in the backyard and make up scary stories to tell each other — or read from your old Goosebumps books.

17. Visit a carnival or a theme park that decorates for Halloween (like Disney, Universal, or Six Flags).

18. Stock up on candy and chow down on it while having a horror movie marathon on your couch.

19. Plan a Halloween party together with all of your friends. Make sure you buy a prize for best costume! TC mark


1. They have fun together. Their relationship isn’t based entirely on sex — or even romance. They don’t need to spend their weekends eating over candlelit dinners or watching mushy romantic comedies. They’re able to have a good time together, no matter what the day has in store for them. It doesn’t matter whether they’re doing mundane activities like shopping for groceries or folding laundry or cooking dinner. They’re still going to end up making each other laugh. They’re still going to end up having a good time.

2. They are completely comfortable together. There are some couples who hide their true selves because they’re worried about scaring the other person away. But when you’re dating your best friend, you feel like you can be your weirdest selves around each other. You’re not worried about looking awkward. You’re not worried about saying the wrong thing. You’re 100% authentic 100% of the time because you trust your person to love you as you are.

3. They can have long, intense, intellectual conversations – and silly ones. They never run out of things to talk about because they tell each other everything. They’re either having a serious conversation about the state of the country or they’re coming up with the most ridiculous, hypothetical questions about aliens and zombie invasions. They can talk about everything and anything. Their conversations never end. Their texting never stops.

4. They make sense together. They have a lot in common. They enjoy spending time together. And they know how to make each other smile, even at the worst of times. Most strangers who see them together assume they’re still in the puppy love phase of their relationship, even when they’ve been dating for decades, simply because of how happy they look. They bring out the light in each other. They bring out the excitement in each other. They bring out the best sides of each other.

5. They actually like each other. There are couples who swear they are madly in love with each other – but don’t actually like each other when it comes down to specifics. They might have wildly different tastes in music or shows, so they’re never able to agree on concerts or movie tickets. Or they might hate each other’s friends, so they’re never able to go out together and have a fun time. But when you’re in a relationship with your best friend, you like each other for more than looks. You like each other’s hearts and souls. And you probably like each other’s friends too.

6. They recognize how lucky they are. They’ve found their soulmate. And they’ve found their best friend. Finding one is lucky. Finding both feels a bit like a miracle. That’s why they never take each other for granted. They never disrespect each other. They never push the other away. They realize if their relationship ended, they wouldn’t just be losing someone to cuddle and kiss. They would be losing their best friend in the world. And they would never let that happen. TC mark



They aren’t good at expressing their emotions. They show affection for people they care about by teasing them.


They’re stubborn. They don’t like to budge on their opinions, even if it leads to arguments.


They’re sarcastic. Sometimes, other people aren’t able to tell when they’re joking and when they’re dead serious.


They’re defensive. When they feel like they’re being attacked, they shut down.


They’re blunt. They say exactly what’s on their mind without thinking through how it might sound.


They’re obsessed with their work. They spend a lot of time talking about their accomplishments, which can accidentally come across as bragging.


They’re quiet. Some people mistake them for snobs because they don’t contribute to conversations unless they have something important to add.


They know their own worth and don’t let anyone else put them down, which can sometimes seem more cocky than confident.


They spend most of their time talking and not enough time listening. It can make them seem self-absorbed.


They’re intelligent — and they know it. They can come across like show offs if they’re not careful.


They don’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings. So sometimes they lie through their teeth and get caught.


They’re always staring at their phone. Even in the middle of conversations. TC mark


《好莱坞往事》内地定档 10 月 25 日

9 月 23 日,备受关注的《好莱坞往事》正式确定内地定档 10 月 25 日,定档预告片也一同发布了。



9 月 19 日,亚马逊宣布携手 Global Optimism 组织共同发布《气候宣言》(The Climate Pledge),亚马逊也成为这份宣言的第一位签署者。《气候宣言》要求各签署成员公司在 2040 年前达到所有业务线净零碳排放的目标,这比《巴黎协定》制定的 2050 年目标还要提前 10 年。



这会需要公司切实投入很多工作来推动目标的实现,比如同一天亚马逊就宣布将采购 10 万辆电动车用于物流运输,这会在 2030 年全部投入使用,此外亚马逊还介绍了 Right Now 气候基金的进展,亚马逊和美国大自然保护协会合作,承诺将投入 1 亿美元用于恢复和保护全球范围内的森林、湿地和泥炭地等。


黄子韬成为 LACOSTE 首位亚太区品牌代言人

9 月 23 日,LACOSTE 宣布黄子韬成为首位亚太区品牌代言人。看视频:


9 月 20 日,龙湖成都商业打造的第 6 座天街系购物中心——龙湖成都滨江天街的亮灯仪式圆满结束,现场除了有灯光美艺活动,同时也公布了龙湖成都滨江天街最新的开业筹备进程:招商率已经达到 98%,同时有 30 多个西南或成都独有品牌以及创新型业态等,当中包括了成都首个购物中心内动物园,还有儿童专属楼层以及 CoutureMade 成都首店、Natural Hotel 成都首店等等。








Columbia 带来 SH/FT 城市徒步鞋系列限量配色“律动紫”

9 月 23 日,Columbia 带来 SH/FT 城市徒步鞋系列的限量配色“律动紫”,鞋款整体由编织鞋面覆盖,两侧有皮革支撑系统搭配灵感源自登山绳索的编织鞋带系统,并且紫色、绿色和黑色也形成了奇妙的撞色感。这次的配色组合也和 Columbia 今年秋冬服装系列当中的配色相呼应。





这次的鞋款将从今天开始在 Columbia 天猫旗舰店预售,27 日正式发售。



You have a hard time believing love will last, even when things are going incredibly well. It’s not that you don’t feel it, though you like to pretend you don’t. You find yourself wanting to say it because you believe in authenticity. However, you find yourself biting your tongue because you don’t like admitting how invested you are in something unless you’re sure it won’t be a waste of your time. You’re almost always expecting things to fall apart, so you don’t know if you should even bother.


You know yourself well, and you know whenever you’re falling in love with someone. Though you aren’t one to sugar coat things, you also have a picture in your head of how this conversation goes- and it has to be perfect. You want to make sure the timing is right, that you both are in the same place, and that there aren’t any major red flags that could change your mind. You find yourself over-analyzing and waiting for the right moment to finally take that next step.


Many would assume that your passionate and romantic nature would mean this would give you no trouble at all, but there is always more than meets the eye when it comes to you. Though you may have all sorts of feeling thrashing around in your chest, you tend to keep your guard up when you’re with people. You may learn everything about them and still not let them know much about you. Saying you love someone, whether initiating it or responding, shows serious vulnerability- something you have a hard time expressing. Even if you genuinely want to say those three words, you’ll still find yourself wrestling with being so open with another person.


You’re not used to feeling so strongly towards other people like this, and while it makes you a little nervous, that isn’t necessarily what is holding you back. You are very much someone accustomed to their rhythm and need for freedom, so even when things are going great with someone, you often find yourself questioning if taking that next step is worth it. Saying you love someone is no small thing, and not something to be tossed around- you know it carries some weight. You have to honestly believe it’s worth it before you’re willing to let those words come out of your mouth- and it can be challenging to do even then.


You aren’t one to have a hard time falling in love- and why would you? Falling for someone is exciting and positive and full of all sorts of possibilities. You aren’t even afraid to express interest to the person your with that you’re feeling this way, but you have a more difficult time saying it out loud. You know that saying you love someone is great, but it does add a more serious tone to the relationship. You prefer to keep things light-hearted and playful, so even if you might want to say you’re in love with someone, you wrestle with whether this will bring a more serious weight on what you have.



It wasn’t love at first sight with him but familiarity – the kind that only deepened the more our paths crossed, like walking on uncharted territory and feeling at home.


I told him I was bad with directions so he drew me a map showing me the way to his heart and told me that if I ever get lost, he can be home. I knew then that I was slowly unraveling, my secrets spilling out, our souls intertwining.


It was always an adventure with him. Even when we were just lying side by side on a rainy day talking about our dreams, it was a completely different world of our own. And I never wanted to leave.


The end came as silent as the leaves falling in autumn. There was no deciding moment; one day the leaves were falling then the next, the trees were bare. Our time has run out.


Suddenly it was raining gasoline and I was made of paper, and his name was a lit match. I set myself on fire every time I let myself remember.


Home suffocated me, and his face was painted all over the places we visited; there were too much of him, of us. I slept with the lights on and my doors open, hoping one night he’d come back. But he never did.


I saw him again and I could no longer recognize those eyes anymore. I wanted a goodbye that was concrete, something that could answer my questions, to bring out when I look back, but all I had was one last look of the face I loved turned into a stranger.


I had extraordinary days here. But the bad days were all that I could recall recently. They were drowning me and I couldn’t breathe without hurting my ribs. I needed to get out, to escape, to run away from here.


I waited for loneliness to make me want to come home. It never came. Where is home?


He’s been in my dreams recently; the kind that even when you wake up, you could still feel it, as if it really happened. In them, all my questions were answered and all our wrongs were made right. We were back to our place, and he was back to tracing constellations of promises on my skin. I heard him say my name and I swore, I almost wanted to come back home. But I woke up and nothing has changed.


I saw his picture on my timeline today. And I wish I could say that I didn’t feel anything but I did. It wasn’t an entire ocean drowning me, or an earthquake shaking my world, but drops of rain on my skin – not too much of a feeling but enough to be felt.


Spring was almost over. There was a cherry blossom tree near my new house, that reminded me of us – how short-lived its beauty was yet it was a blessing to have witnessed it. Thank you. I’m okay now.


Maybe we’ve got it all wrong. Maybe the right person isn’t the one who agrees with everything that we say or tells us tiny white lies to make us feel better about ourselves, but rather – the right person is the one who is brutally honest and raw.

Maybe the right person doesn’t have the same ideas and beliefs about the world, and the lens through which they see everything, and everyone, is different. And that’s why when we share our worldview with them, we learn a lot about them and ourselves in the process. We learn different ways of appreciating people and the world that we live in until we become certain of why we have those beliefs to begin with.

Maybe the right person isn’t going to enhance who we are by constantly praising us but by challenging us. Maybe the right person doesn’t want to know what our favorite color or TV show is but the real stuff – like our anxieties, our darkness, the many times we’ve cried ourselves to sleep at night and what scares us the most.

We’re not supposed to find a knight in shining armor in another person but comfort, a sense of peace and someone whom we want to come home to.

Maybe we’ve never really understood what love is, we always thought that love makes our heartbeat grow faster and our fingers tingle and that is all. But what if it does that and more? What if love not only makes our stomach jitter with excitement but also adds peace to our soul? What if love doesn’t just make life crazy and adventurous with color or excitement but also paints it a soft shade of blue, or yellow, like sunlight and a bright sky that makes all our dull days kind again?

Maybe we don’t really know what love or happiness is because we’re used to comparing what we have with others, and our sense of relationships and love is distorted by this comparative struggle that we face every day. The moment we stop looking at ‘how good’ others have it then perhaps we will realise how lucky we truly as too. Maybe we need to start looking within to see what kind of life we want, what kind of relationship would fuel us and what kind of love we deserve.

Maybe we’ve got it all wrong. We keep looking everywhere but inside ourselves for what we need, and we chase and chase rather than let it come to us naturally. Maybe we need to stop running from everything that hurts us and accept the pain, because only then will the healing begin.

Maybe we need to start believing that happiness is not an end goal but a feeling that arrives intermittently as we journey on. And love, love is not everything that we thought it would be, because it is so much more.


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