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You hurt me. And now you want to come back. You want me to forgive you for everything that happened. You want me to give you another chance and act like everything is fine between us again.

It’s not fair that you’re making me choose between a relationship with you and my mental health. I shouldn’t have to turn you away. I shouldn’t have to play the bad guy. I shouldn’t have to decide whether I’m going to involve you in my life moving forward.

I’m not mad at you for trying to ease your way back into my world. I’m mad at you for giving me a reason to push you out of my world to begin with. It’s not fair that we spent so much time apart. It’s not fair that you became a stranger. It’s not fair that I have no idea what’s going on in your life and you have no idea about mine.

It’s not fair that I have all of these painful memories of you. It’s not fair that, for every good thing I have to say about you, I have two horrible things to say. It’s not fair that it turned out this way between us. It’s not fair that this is where our story led.

And now, it’s not fair that I’m stuck in this position — wondering whether I should let you back into my life and risk getting hurt again, or whether I should and risk living with the guilt of keeping you at a distance. Either way, I’m losing out yet again. If you come back, it isn’t going to be easy to reconnect with you. It’s going to hurt like hell. And it’s going to hurt in a completely different way if I don’t answer your calls, if I don’t see you again, if I don’t give you another chance.

It’s not fair that this is happening to me. It’s not fair that I feel this way. It’s not fair that you brought us to this point. It’s not fair that, even if I decided to try to start over with you, there’s always going to be some resentment and anger and pain. There’s always going to be a million moments that we want erased.

It’s not fair that you put me through so much hell when I didn’t do anything to deserve it. It’s not fair that there isn’t anything I can do to change the past or even forget the past. It’s not fair. It’s not fair. It’s not fair.

And it’s not fair that I have to keep using that word you always warned me not to use. That word that comes across as childish and immature. That word that is meaningless, pointless, useless.

I still remember the way you would always stop me from using it, how you would interrupt and say, “Whoever told you life was fair was lying to you.” You were wrong about a lot of things, but I guess you were right about that. TC mark


1. Get rid of your access to social media. Putting your phone on silent isn’t enough. Either put it in a drawer across the room or shut it down completely so you aren’t able to absentmindedly pick it up and open Twitter when boredom strikes. You should take the same precautions with your laptop. Even if you’re working over the internet and can’t step away from your screen, there are programs you can download in order to block your access to certain websites. That way, you’ll be able to stick to the task at hand instead of accidentally scrolling through Instagram from an hour.

2. Eliminate distractions, don’t add more. Music might help you concentrate. Or it might turn into a distraction. If you’re going to end up spending twenty minutes between each song, trying to pick out the perfect one, or end up singing along to the lyrics and getting sidetracked from your goals, then you probably shouldn’t put on a playlist. Instead, drown out the sounds around you by playing nature sounds or instrumentals. That way, you’ll still have something to listen to while you work, but it won’t become a time waster.

3. Work somewhere that makes sense. If you’re a people watcher who loves to eavesdrop, then you probably shouldn’t work at a coffee shop — or even a library. You need to work in a quiet, clean space where you aren’t going to get distracted every five seconds. That means you should try to find a place with a door that locks so your friends and family and even your adorable puppy can’t run in and distract you.

4. Write down your random thoughts. If you’re trying to focus on work, and then randomly remember you need to pay the bills by the end of the week or want to check to see who got sent home on the latest episode of The Bachelor, don’t switch tasks. Simply write down those items somewhere you’re going to remember to look. That way, you won’t forget about them, but you can focus on them after you’re finished focusing on the task at hand.

5. Put inspirational reminders where you need them the most. If you’re worried you’re going to check your phone when you should be working, change your home screen to a quote about working hard. It might stop you from answering texts when you’re supposed to be keeping focused. It might give you the extra motivation you need when you’re ready to slack. Likewise, if you’re worried you’ll keep hitting snooze in the morning, attach a reminder to your alarm about the early bird and the worm.

6. Schedule little breaks for yourself. Instead of stopping randomly to check your phone, set a scheduled break time for yourself. After you work for a certain amount of time, give yourself permission to scroll through social media or call your boyfriend or grab some snacks. That way, you can still break up your work day without feeling overwhelmed, but you won’t take advantage of your free time and waste valuable time. TC mark


1. Refuse to accept responsibility for the mistakes they’ve made. If they keep trying to turn the situation around and blame other people or the circumstances they were under for what they’ve done, it means they aren’t mature enough to take responsibility for their own actions. They aren’t self-aware enough to realize they aren’t perfect and they aren’t always going to make the right decisions.

2. Refuse to apologize for the mistakes they’ve made. If they feel like they haven’t really done anything wrong, then what’s stopping them from repeating the bad behavior in the future? If they think they’re living a perfectly fine, moral life, then they’re going to continue acting the way they’ve been acting. They won’t see a reason to change.

3. Point out all of the mistakes you’ve made to draw the attention away from them. When you’re upset by something they’ve done, they shouldn’t fire back with all of the things that you’ve done wrong in the past. If they’re deflecting because they want to blame you for the bad things they’ve done, you might not want to give them a second chance. You might want to part ways.

4. Try to guilt trip you into keeping them in your world. You aren’t under any obligation to keep them in your life. You shouldn’t feel like you’re required to give them a second chance, simply because you have a long history together or because you’ve made promises to each other in the past. You’re allowed to move on at any time. If they’ve broken your trust and broken your faith in them, then you’re allowed to say goodbye.

5. Act like you’re overreacting to whatever they’ve done. You’re entitled to your opinions and your emotions. The way you’re feeling right now is valid. If this other person doesn’t take your emotions seriously and accuses you of being dramatic over something that is not that big of a deal, then they aren’t meant to be in your world. You don’t want someone around who disrespects your feelings, who tries to dictate whether or not you have a right to be upset over things they’ve done.

6. Make you feel horrible about yourself. Before you give this person a second chance, take a second to really think about whether you want them around for any longer. If they make you stressed out, self-conscious, and overall miserable then you might benefit by ending your relationship. Remember, you have a choice. You can choose to walk away from this person. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.

7. Repeat their bad behaviors. If this isn’t the first time you’ve gotten into an argument with them over the same issue, then you might want to call it quits. They obviously haven’t learned their lesson since the last time they hurt you, so what makes you think they would learn their lesson this time around? If they make a habit out of something you hate, you probably shouldn’t give them another chance. Otherwise, history is only going to repeat itself. TC mark

























Sadness TC mark






9 月 25 日,兰蔻宣布吴亦凡成为品牌亚太区的首位代言人,大片也一并发布。


朗格推出全新 LANGE 1 TOURBILLON 25 周年纪念款

9 月 25 日,朗格介绍了 25 周年纪念系列的压轴之作——LANGE 1 TOURBILLON 25 周年纪念款。2000 年,朗格推出了首款结合陀飞轮、大日历显示、三天动力储存机芯和动力储存指示的腕表 LANGE 1 TOURBILLON,这次的全新纪念表款采用了纪念系列统一的银色和蓝色的组合,配备 38.5 毫米的 18K 白色 K 金表壳,表盘是实心银,并搭配了蓝钢指针。



这款腕表的一分钟陀飞轮具有停秒装置,可瞬间停止旋转陀飞轮框架内的摆轮。陀飞轮桥板采用黑色镜面抛光装饰,机芯一面,陀飞轮夹板和中间轮夹板都是手工雕刻的,中间轮夹板上还有周年纪念系列的标志性朗格大日历浮雕图案。这款 LANGE 1 TOURBILLON 25 周年纪念款全球限量 25 枚。



周生生在成都发布 Promessa 婚嫁新品

9 月 24 日,周生生在成都 IFS 举行全新 Promessa 婚嫁新品发布会,全新 Promessa 婚嫁系列采用同心结元素,有 18K 分色黄金“同心结”设计钻戒和对戒等单品,而 18K 玫瑰金材质的绳结设计则象征了代表姻缘的红线。活动当天,作为周生生 Promessa 婚嫁品牌大使的林宥嘉全球首发了新歌《少女》以及 MV,这首歌也被选作了 Promessa 婚嫁品牌主题曲。





另外,周生生还在商场负二层中庭呈现了 Promessa 婚嫁品牌限时体验展,暖粉色的空间里设有“恋爱诊所”、“誓言小礼堂”和“童心游乐场”三个主题区域,除了体验产品,也都非常适合打卡。展览将持续到 9 月 29 日结束,成都的同学可以留意。




9 月 25 日,马自达宣布将在第 46 届东京车展上发布旗下首款量产的纯电车型,这款车型是马自达新一代商品集群中的第三款产品,马自达在东京车展的新闻发布会会在 10 月 23 日上午 11:20 举行,车展的公众日会从 10 月 25 日持续到 11 月 4 日。



9 月 19 日,佳能宣布推出两款双眼望远镜新品:BINOCULARS 10×20 IS 和 8×20 IS,它们都有着方便携带的轻量化设计,分别拥有 10 倍和 8 倍的倍率,并采用新的平移式 IS 影像稳定器帮助用户获得清晰的视觉体验。它们的使用场景包括观看体育赛事、看演唱会以及观鸟等,并且对于初次使用望远镜的用户会非常友好。两款新品的上市时间都在 11 月上旬,价格目前还没有公布。




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