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Stop replaying memories of him in your head. Stop thinking about all of the good times you had together. Stop playing music that makes you think of the time you shared your first kiss or took a spontaneous road trip. Stop torturing yourself with thoughts of him.

The more you’re thinking about him, the more you’re hurting yourself, the more you’re cracking your heart.

That doesn’t mean you should pretend the relationship never happened. It’s just as dangerous to pretend you’re perfectly fine without him as it would be to dwell in your misery for months on end. But like everything in life, moderation is key.

You don’t want to pretend your past never happened, pretend your ex never existed, pretend your heartache isn’t real — but you don’t want to spend every waking moment thinking about him either. You don’t want to obsess over someone who is out of your world.

You aren’t going to be able to stop yourself from thinking about him when you see something that randomly reminds you of him — and that’s okay. It’s natural for him to pop into your head, especially after everything you went through together. You won’t be able to erase every thought of him. But you can make things easier on yourself.

You can delete him from social media so you don’t see his face every time you open your feed. You can erase his pictures from your phone so you aren’t tempted to look through them every time you open up your camera roll. You can stop listening to the radio station that always plays his favorite music. You can stop giving yourself more and more reminders of him everywhere you look.

The first step to getting over him is wanting to get over him. If you keep resisting, then you’re not going to stop thinking about him. You have to accept he is out of your life. You have to accept it’s for the best if you stop replaying your favorite moments of him on a loop in your mind.

If it’s impossible for you to stop thinking about him, then at least thing about him in a realistic way. Don’t think about the future you two could have if you made up and got back together. Think about your past and all of the things he’s done that caused you to break up in the first place. Think about all of the ways he’s hurt you. Think about whether he actually deserves to be missed by you, because chances are, it’s better he’s gone.

As soon as you find a way to get over him, you’re going to be happier without him. You’re going to realize the breakup was for the best, even though you were unable to see it at the time. Most of all, you’re going to be proud of yourself for overcoming your heartache.

The more you’re thinking about him, the more you’re hurting yourself, so get your mind on the future instead of reliving the past. TC mark

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/holly-riordan/2019/07/the-more-you-think-about-him-the-more-youre-hurting-yourself/

It’s hard to leave your comfort zone, to embrace change, to risk stepping into the unknown. Your courage could backfire on you. There’s a chance you’ll fail. But failure isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you. Think of the alternative. Think about what would happen if you decided to stay exactly were you are right now, if nothing ever changed from this moment ten years from now. Would you be happy in the same exact place? Or would you be even more miserable than you would be if you took a risk and it didn’t pan out exactly as you planned?

You have to stop thinking about change as the scariest thing in the world — because the thought of never growing, never making forward momentum is much scarier.

As terrifying as it sounds to take a chance on yourself in the short-term, it might be more damaging for you to skip the risk in the long-term. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to trust yourself, to love yourself, to believe in yourself.

You have to trust that you have what it takes to succeed — and that you have the ability to cope with the fallout if things don’t end up going your way. You have to love yourself enough to say you are worthy of good things, you deserve to reach your dreams. You have to believe you’ve got this, even when your insecurities are trying to slow you down, even when you aren’t sure whether you have what it takes to succeed.

You might feel safe in your comfort zone right now, but one day that feeling isn’t going to be enough. You’re going to wish you took more risks. You’re going to wonder what could have happened if you chased after your dreams instead of settling for your safest option. You’re going to regret taking the easiest route because it always leads to the least fulfilling destination.

You have to remind yourself that your comfort zone might feel like the safest place in the world, but that feeling is deceiving. It’s much healthier to take risks in love, in your career, and on yourself. It’s much healthier to run after what you want.

If you allow yourself to stay in place forever, then you aren’t going to expand your horizons. You aren’t going to grow into a more beautiful, well-rounded version of yourself.

You cannot allow yourself to remain in your comfort zone because it feels like the timing to chase after your dreams is wrong — or because you’re stressed with other areas of your life and don’t want to add any extra pressure right now. You’ll always be able to come up with a new excuse if you look for one — so stop looking for one.

Stop finding reasons to remain in your comfort zone because it might feel cozy now — but it isn’t going to feel that way forever. Soon, it’s going to feel suffocating. Soon, it’s going to feel far less comfortable. TC mark

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/holly-riordan/2019/07/leave-your-comfort-zone-embrace-change-risk-stepping-into-the-unknown/

The worst thing about anxiety is you’re self-aware. You can feel when you’re becoming annoying — but instead of toning it down a notch, you end up making it worse. You say things like, “I’m sorry you have to deal with me. Are you mad at me? Do you want me to leave you alone?” You place your insecurities out in the open for the world to see.

When you finally conjure up the courage to talk about your anxiety, you might be relieved to get your feelings off your chest. But, most of the time, you eventually end up feeling bad about putting so much on someone else’s shoulders. You wonder whether you should have kept your issues to yourself. You wonder whether you revealed too much about yourself.

You end up caught in a cycle where your anxiety keeps getting worse because suddenly you need reassurance from this person. You need them to tell you they aren’t mad, they aren’t annoyed, they aren’t sick of hearing from you. You need them to remind you they still love you and you haven’t done anything wrong, you haven’t pushed them away.

Of course, sometimes their reassurances aren’t enough. Even when you’re told everything is fine, you have trouble believing it. You trust the self-destructive, insecure voice in the back of your head more than you trust your supportive, encouraging loved ones. It’s not that you think they’re liars. It’s that it’s so much easier for you to believe something negative about yourself than it is for you to believe something positive.

The worst thing about anxiety is that you can’t stop it. You recognize how much of a pain it is for you and everyone around you — but you aren’t able to do anything about it. You just have to cope in the best way you know how and hope the people around you are understanding. You have to hope they won’t hold your emotions against you.

If the people surrounding you aren’t able to understand why you’re acting the way you’ve been acting, it only reinforces the horrible beliefs you already have about yourself. Someone doesn’t have to come out and say you’re being ridiculous or calm down for you to assume the worst. If they look at you the wrong way or change their tone even the slightest bit, then you’re going to suspect they’re fed up with you.

And since you jump to the worst case scenario, sensing their annoyance makes you worry they’re going to abandon you. It makes you worry this was it, this was too much, this is what’s finally going to push them away. 

The worst thing about anxiety is how hard the experience is to share. People who love you might try to ask you questions to see where you’re coming from so they can support you, but you aren’t able to explain it to them. You can’t even explain it to yourself. You understand your anxiety is irrational. You understand it can come across as annoying. But you can’t control yourself — and you can’t explain why. TC mark

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/holly-riordan/2019/07/i-realize-how-annoying-my-anxiety-can-be/










The future














Commitment TC mark

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/january-nelson/2019/07/what-secretly-terrifies-each-zodiac-that-you-would-never-realize/

5 月中旬一加发布了一加 7 系列,其中作为主角的一加 7 Pro 几乎满足了很多同学对于现阶段旗舰手机的全部想象,除了 855 方案(好了接下来 855 Plus 快来了)和 4800 万像素索尼 IMX586 传感器这些常规的高配置,还有线性马达、Warp 闪充、前置升降镜头以及 90Hz 刷新率的曲面全面屏等等,这些更体现着产品的差异,也决定了产品的最终体验。

发售两个月,一加 7 Pro 得到来自全球市场的好口碑,同时在 DxOMARK 榜单上它至今也以 111 分的成绩位列第二(和荣耀 20 Pro 并列),按目前市面上的走向来看,即便放到接下来一年时间里,一加 7 Pro 各方面表现都仍然会有足够的竞争力。一加打造高端旗舰的路线对产品生命周期的帮助是非常明显的。而在我们拿到一加 7 Pro 的两个月时间当中,很多的细节都会让我们感觉,用惯了,可能就习惯不了别的手机了。



我们收到的是面向媒体的一套“豪华版”,实际购买时包装里主要是机器加 Warp C 口数据线以及 Warp 30 闪充适配器。至于云耳或者银耳 2T 耳机以及一些保护壳的话,就都是单独买的了(在一加官网上购机的同时购买配件的话,有一大堆专属的优惠,可以留意)。



目前在售的只有“星雾蓝”版本有 12GB 运行内存加 256GB 存储空间的组合,其它配色还包括曜岩灰和皓月金,入门配置也有 6GB 运行内存加 128GB 存储,价格和顶配之间有 1000 元的价格差,这么来看顶配也不是什么高不可攀的事情。






以一款 6.67 英寸的手机来说,一加 7 Pro 的机身尺寸算是非常称手的了,162.6 x 75.9 x 8.8mm 的“三围”加上 3D 曲面全面屏的设计,93.22% 的惊人屏占比的体现之一就是对单手握持和使用非常友好。加上它的 8.8mm 厚度、圆润的边框处理配合整体的光影效果,看起来其实更显薄了。即便加上包装当中的透明保护壳也没觉得加厚了多少(当然我自己更喜欢砂岩保护壳,从一加 3 的时代就喜欢了,夏天用不腻,冬天用不凉)。









一加 7 Pro 出厂就带的屏幕膜也没必要揭下来了,尤其对于曲面屏加上有屏幕指纹的机器来说,不要和自己过不去。

机器的四周,顶部是给升降模块留的位置,顶部是扬声器孔、C 口以及 SIM 卡槽(在保护壳下 SIM 卡槽会有一部分被保护壳挡住,不过也完全不影响)。左右两侧还是常规的电源键和音量加减键,一加传统的在静音、震动和响铃之间直接切换的物理拨键也仍然延续——在一些场合下需要快速切换时,与其点亮手机去操作,用拨键不仅可以盲操作,并且可以一步完成。







一加 7 Pro 的这块屏幕竞争力十足,不只是它的 3120 x 1440 像素 2K+ 分辨率、516ppi 的精度,还有高达 90Hz 的屏幕刷新率、11 毫秒的响应时间和 135Hz 采样率,此外它还通过了 HDR10+ 高动态认证以及德国 VDE 防蓝光权威认证。高刷新率和低响应时间让画面显示乃至操作起来都更加“丝滑”,而 HDR10+ 官方认证的加持,让一加 7 Pro 即便在播放流媒体内容时也有影院感。


其实如果除开各种参数不说,一加 7 Pro 的屏幕也是典型的“用的时候说不上具体有哪些特别的好,但离开之后用别的,会觉得怎么都不对”。除了日常的使用,包括经常玩游戏的同学也完全可以感受到这块屏幕的吸引力——如果用惯了,可能就真的很难习惯别的手机了(目前主要的手机屏幕都是 60Hz,差距确实明显,接下来 90Hz 乃至更高的 120Hz 会是主流,不过普及需要时间)。

关于一加 7 Pro 这套硬件配置已经有各种跑分和测试来体现了,而对于普通用户来说,它有着出色的屏幕表现力和操控感,加上双立体声扬声器,无论是游戏还是看视频都足够过瘾,而在游戏当中 Haptic 振动马达带来的反馈感受也很明显。





基于 Android 9 的氢 OS 口碑也是没得说,至于一些抬手亮屏、熄屏下的快捷方式不在话下,特别的“禅定模式”其实重要的不是 20 分钟完全勿打扰的工作状态,更像是对自己的一种暗示,而以这样的方式来让大家放下手机,也算是一加的情怀之一。





拍摄部分,一加 7 Pro 采用 4800 万像素索尼 IMX586 传感器主摄加上 1600 万像素 117 度广角镜头以及 800 万像素副摄,最大光圈 f1.6,双 OIS 光学防抖,还有 3 倍光学变焦和 10 倍数码变焦效果,此外还有 UltraShot 超清画质引擎保驾护航。










事实上一加 7 Pro 最早期的零售版还小范围出现过摄像头进灰和白平衡不太准的问题,前者这样的品控问题有被官方承认,后面的批次明显改善(不过购买之后还是可以留意,官方其实也有专门的机制)。而随着几次系统更新,算法搭配硬件,拍摄表现力也被进一步释放。


加上还有我自己非常满意的,一加 7 Pro 非常迅速的屏幕指纹识别,以及 Warp 闪充带来的充电速度,包括一边玩游戏时一边充电,虽然机身温度确实会增加,但相比之下也还是在一个适中的范围,并且充电也并不耽搁。





其实在目前的市面上旗舰机也并不少,它们都有各自的强项,包括在一加 7 Pro 强项的屏幕配置方面,三星 S10 达到 804 尼特的屏幕峰值亮度超过了一加 7 Pro 的 800 尼特,此外索尼 Xperia 1 的 HDR 也被粉丝们津津乐道,不过一加 7 Pro 的能力在于把这一切都组合到了一起,从这个层面来说,这反过来对于一加而言也是个挑战,这家追求“小而美”的公司,正在更高的层面上证明自己,以及为更大规模的人群服务。


一加 7 Pro
参考价格:4999 元(12GB 运行内存 / 256GB 存储空间)

Source: http://www.toodaylab.com/77378

Gareth Bale's move to China is off after Real Madrid cancel the deal, with the Wales winger set to stay at the Spanish club.

Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49144872

王菊成为 Fenty Beauty 代言人

7 月 25 日,Fenty Beauty 宣布王菊成为 Fenty Face 代言人,并发布了王菊出镜的广告大片。本月早些时候,Fenty Beauty 宣布将进入更多亚太地区的区域市场,中国版广告视频里也有王菊出现。


球鞋交易平台 GOAT 正式登陆中国

7 月 26 日,球鞋交易平台 GOAT 在上海举行发布会,宣告正式登陆中国,GOAT 还从 7 月 26 到 28 日期间在上海兴业太古汇开出了线下快闪店。在 7 月 26 日的发布会和快闪店现场,GOAT 的 CEO Eddy LU 和品牌挚友——NBA 球星“鞋王”PJ Tucker 以及歌手周汤豪都有亮相。






这次快闪店的设计以 GOAT 位于洛杉矶的球鞋鉴定中心为原型,现场一比一还原了球鞋鉴定传送带装置,GOAT 希望通过这种方式让消费者可以体验并了解到平台核心的鉴定技术。除此之外,现场还展示了 24 款稀有球鞋,包括 NIKE Dunk High“Wu-Tang”、NIKE Air Yeezy 1“Glow in the Dark Tour”、中国限定版 CLOT x NIKE Air Max 1“死亡之吻”等。







目前 GOAT 线上店的小程序也已经正式开启,有兴趣的同学也多了一个关注的渠道。

PUMA 发布 AC 米兰新赛季客场球衣

7 月 26 日,PUMA 发布 AC 米兰下赛季客场球衣,设计整体采用白色,这是向俱乐部辉煌的欧战历史致敬,同时也通过红色和黑色的元素来延续 AC 米兰的 DNA。球衣技术上还是 PUMA 的 dryCELL。目前这款球衣已经在 PUMA 官网和线下门店发售。球迷版上衣的价格是 519 元。




7 月 19 日,仲量联行、太古地产及平安城科在位于上海兴业太古汇的仲量联行办公室举行发布会,共同宣布将携手推出“城越”计划(UrbanLab)。这是中国内地首个专注于“房地产科技”的企业加速器计划,目标是在中国的房地产科技生态圈内培养和进一步发展有潜力的科技企业,从而为中国的房地产市场提供创新的技术解决方案。


平安云加速器团队将负责具体运营“城越”加速器计划。这项计划将从申请企业中选出 6 - 12 家已有成熟产品的房地产科技初创企业,在为期三个月的加速器计划里,入选企业将有机会在真实环境中测试并优化产品,可测试环境包括太古地产的兴业太古汇和前滩太古里这两个位于上海的商业项目,以及仲量联行和平安城科位于上海的办公室及项目。目标技术领域包括自动化、分析、智慧楼宇、人工智能、设施管理、施工建造、租户体验、客户参与、可持续发展等。

目前这项计划已经开放申请,截止时间到今年 8 月底。相关科技初创企业可以发送商业计划书到 bp@urbanlab.com.cn。

国行 Xbox One S 青春版即将正式上市

7 月 25 日,微软中国宣布国行 Xbox One S 青春版将在 7 月 30 日正式上市,此前预购就已经开始。届时可买到的渠道包括微软官方在线商城、微软京东自营官方旗舰店以及天猫商城的微软官方旗舰店,产品售价为 1899 元。相比普通版,青春版只是去掉了光驱,其它配置和游戏性能都完全一样,这会是一个更实惠清爽的版本。


Source: http://www.toodaylab.com/77376

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