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《八佰》取消 7 月 5 日公映安排

6 月 25 日晚,电影《八佰》通过官方微博宣布取消原定 7 月 5 日公映的安排,并“暂别暑期档,新档期择日公布”。在此前的上海国际电影节上,原定作为开幕影片的《八佰》因“技术原因”取消了放映。


萧邦推出两款全新 Happy Hearts 系列珠宝支持赤子之心基金会

6 月 24 日,Chopard 萧邦宣布推出两款全新 Happy Hearts 系列珠宝以支持赤子之心基金会。萧邦这次打造了一款长项链和一款耳环,它们都饰有钻石和粉红色珍珠母贝心形坠饰,也都提供了 18K 玫瑰金款和白金款。

赤子之心基金会由纳塔利·沃佳诺娃在 2004 年创立,而萧邦和基金会的合作始于去年 5 月,当时萧邦就推出了一款手镯以支持基金会。萧邦会将这些特别版珠宝的部分销售收益捐赠给基金会,而在 6 月 14 日,萧邦还赞助了赤子之心基金会举行的首届慈善盛会



易烊千玺成为 RIMOWA 中国区品牌代言人

6 月 25 日,RIMOWA 宣布易烊千玺成为中国区品牌代言人,并发布了易烊千玺为 Essential 季节性限量色彩系列拍摄的广告大片,目前这一系列已经上市。



RIMOWA 正在全面革新自己的市场策略,签约代言人这件事就是过去很少出现的,去年 9 月 RIMOWA 签下费德勒,而费德勒当时亮相的 RIMOWA 的广告片甚至是品牌成立 120 年来首次推出的广告片。

UA 推出 Curry 6 亚洲行限量版配色 Roaracle

6 月 24 日,随着库里抵达深圳,Under Armour 2019 篮球亚洲行也正式进入到中国时间。UA 这次特别推出了 Curry 6 亚洲行限量版配色 Roaracle,配色的灵感来自甲骨文球馆(Oracle Arena),这里因为比赛期间高分贝的呐喊(Roar)而获得了“Roaracle”的外号——全新 Curry 6 Roaracle 配色采用了象征甲骨文声浪的亮红色鞋面和霓虹绿外底的设计,中底“SC”标志下方装饰了分贝柱状图,鞋垫上印有“Roar”和“This is Our House”字样,鞋舌上也有分贝仪图案。




这款配色发售的时间是和 UA 2019 篮球亚洲行的行程配套的——6 月 24 日在深圳万象天地店首发,26 和 28 日会先后在 UA 北京王府中環店以及上海淮海中路旗舰店发售,29 日开始登陆品牌官网天猫旗舰店京东旗舰店以及线下门店和指定零售商。

ASICS 将推出全新 SHINE 耀系列

6 月 24 日,ASCIS 宣布将在 6 月 28 日发售全新 SHINE 耀系列,这一系列有专业跑鞋 GEL-KAYANO 26、GEL-NIMBUS 21、GT-2000 7、GEL-CUMULUS 21 以及时尚运动鞋 GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY 和 GEL-QUANTUM 360 5 共 6 款,整体都以红色和蓝色为主色调,风格颇为亮眼。




这一系列将在 ASICS 门店、官方商店以及天猫旗舰店等渠道发售,有兴趣的同学可以留意。

adidas 发布 2019 年女足世界杯淘汰赛阶段官方比赛用球

6 月 21 日,adidas 发布了 2019 年女足世界杯淘汰赛阶段的官方比赛用球,Tricolore 19 日前已经在比赛中亮相,此外它还将分发到法国各地的足球机构和组织,进一步支持对下一代球员的培养。


另外在今天凌晨结束的女足世界杯淘汰赛阶段比赛中,中国队 0 比 2 输给了意大利队,无缘八强。


6 月 24 日,Under Armour 在东莞举行 SC30 Range Unlimited 高尔夫系列全球首发仪式,这宣告 UA 正式进军高尔夫领域。正在进行中国行的库里也从深圳来到东莞现场助阵——库里在现场穿的就是高尔夫系列中的单品。库里本身也热爱高尔夫球,整体显得也一点都不违和。


UA 是以 SC 系列进入高尔夫领域的,这也是 SC 系列从推出以来第一次将产品线从单一的篮球领域扩展到了其它运动领域。这次的 SC30 Range Unlimited 高尔夫系列第一批提供了 15 款单品,包括了上下装以及鞋款和配件,基本覆盖了全套的高尔夫装备。

同时产品也体现了 UA 一直以来在功能性上的优势——比如 ISO-CHILL POLO 衫采用了 UA 的 ISO-CHILL 科技,以主动散热排潮来帮助穿着者保持干爽舒适,Storm Wind 夹克可以让穿着者即便在风雨天气也可以保持稳定,Curry 6 SL 高尔夫球鞋其实是 UA 篮球鞋这边的 Curry 6 的衍生,采用了无钉外底构造,不仅轻巧,还配有抗扭转外底,为穿着者提供稳固的抓地力。




而相比其它品牌的高尔夫系列产品,UA 这套装备在设计上还相当抢眼,按 UA 的说法,这是从库里自己的休闲衣物当中汲取的灵感,“融入了库里的日常穿着风格”。接下来无论是高尔夫爱好者还是库里的粉丝,或者只是追求高尔夫装备轻巧透气、贴身又便于行动等特性,都可以留意看看 UA 的这套装备了。


I should have walked away the first time you ignored my texts. I shouldn’t have sent you a follow up message. I shouldn’t have stalked your social media to see if you’ve been posting from your phone. I shouldn’t have uploaded selfies and stories in the hopes you would see them in the meantime. I shouldn’t have tethered my worth to whether or not you paid any attention to me.

I shouldn’t have given you so much room to screw around with me. I shouldn’t have let you get away with waiting days to get back to me. I should have stuck up for myself. I should have confronted you — or at least let you know that you were hurting me deeply every time you actively chose to ignore me.

I should have walked away when you made it clear you were’t able to make me a priority in even the most basic way. I should have realized you weren’t going to be able to give me everything I needed when you couldn’t even muster up the energy to answer a text with more than one or two words. I should have realized shitty texters normally end up being shitty boyfriends.

It’s not like I’m expecting much. You don’t have to text me back within seconds. You don’t have to write paragraphs while you’re at work. I just want some sort of indication you’re paying attention to me — and you actually give a shit about me.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect someone to send a few texts throughout the day when it takes close to zero effort to send a text nowadays. I’m thinking of you is enough. Sorry I’ve been busy but I can’t wait to see you later is enough. Sometimes, even an emoji is enough.

If you aren’t able to answer my texts, it makes me think you have better things to do than deal with me. It makes me think you’ve forgotten about my existence as soon as we’re in separate rooms. It makes me think you’re only pretending to care when you see me in person because that’s when you’re able to get what you want from me. And that’s unacceptable to me.

Moving forward, if someone isn’t able to get back to me for days or even months at a time, then I’m not going to waste my time with them, because I’ve already wasted enough time already. I’ve stared at my phone for longer than I should have. I’ve checked and rechecked messages more than I should have. I’ve double texted more than I should have.

I should have known better than to send you text after text when there was never even a guarantee you were going to get back to me.

I should have walked away when you showed me you had better things to do than answer my messages.

I should have realized I was asking the absolute minimum from you — and you couldn’t even give me that. TC mark


I live in New Hampshire now, but I’m originally from Hong Kong. Although there are numerous differences between these two places, such as in culture and social norms, I’ve discovered one striking thing they have in common: the disturbing prevalence of white beauty standards.

You’d think that a homogeneous Asian city would at least adhere to a less restrictive set of beauty standards, but I’ve come to realize that this notion is naive and untrue. The presence of white supremacy manifests in subtle, insidious, indelibly damaging ways, whether in countries next to or oceans away from America.

When I was younger, my mom encouraged me to get double eyelid plastic surgery. This term seems foreign to you because it’s mainly used by people of Asian descent to correct their monolids. This is done in order to mimic the “fold” in eyelid skin that white people naturally possess. “It’s not a big deal,” my mom would say to me. “I got the procedure too in my twenties. You should be grateful to have a mother willing to support you like this financially—I had to pay for my own plastic surgery. It’s so simple, but you’ll look so much better!”

Looking back, the thought of a mother telling her 7-year-old daughter that she needs plastic surgery seems absolutely absurd. At the time, however, I didn’t question it. The women on the magazine covers and TV screens never resembled me. I had long grown up in an environment where boys only liked the white girls at school, where even my Asian friends would pull their eyes into slits and use their fingers to flatten their noses down to mock someone they thought of as ugly.

In the years to come, I tried desperately to fix the unerasable flaws I saw within my own appearance. I used eyelid tape, which was supposed to give the temporary appearance of double eyelids. I bought colored contacts off sketchy websites, which could’ve blinded me. But I didn’t care. I watched Youtube makeup videos obsessively, hoping that I could use some magic bronzer to make my nose appear skinnier and my cheekbones more prominent. I spent hours in the bathroom at once with the door locked, wishing that I could disappear into thin air, wishing that I could transform into someone I didn’t recognize.

As I grow older, I’ve also come to realize the broader ways that white beauty standards affected me—not only did I despise the way I looked, but I also lost confidence in myself. Whether it was raising my hand in the classroom or taking bigger risks, a force within stifled my voice and told me to keep my mouth shut. Sometimes I feel guilty for caring so much about my appearance, but then again, how could I not? It was about so much more than looks. We live in a world that sexualizes girls from a young age, where a woman’s inherent value is seemingly tied to how conventionally attractive her appearance is. I was conditioned to believe that my worth and my confidence equated with how closely I could resemble a white woman while still being Asian. It was about so much more than looks—this conditioning led me to doubt the most important aspects of myself, and it speaks volumes about the culture of our society which we are constantly immersed in.

Thankfully, growing older has allowed me to dispel the notion that I need to look a certain way to feel pretty and, more importantly, feel worthy. Occasionally I do experience resentment towards my mother for the things she said to me as a kid, but I remember that she is also a product of her environment. In her mind, getting plastic surgery would allow me to be more visible in dating pools, job interviews, and within our culture itself. It was what she thought best for me, and I could never blame her for that.

Women of color are continually held at a disadvantage in society, our inferiority in the face of white supremacy constantly spoon-fed to us through characters on TV screens who don’t talk like us, celebrities on billboards who don’t look like us, and the ceaseless, unrelenting social cues where racism rears its ugly head. So if you get the chance, please tell a little girl of color that she is beautiful, and that she is enough. Help her unlearn these toxic beauty standards at an early age. It will make all the difference. TC mark


When you’re scared of commitment, you spend a lot of time wondering whether you’re moving at a decent pace. You aren’t going to rush into a relationship before you’re ready, but you don’t want to take things too slow and end up pushing a good person away either. You know it’s unreasonable to expect them to wait forever for you. You know you’re going to have to get your shit together eventually and commit to them, otherwise they have every right to leave.

When you’re scared of commitment, there are a lot of times when you have to stop and ask yourself whether you’re treating your person unfairly. You might not be ready to put a label on your relationship, but is it really fair to continue calling yourself single when you’ve been spending so much time with them? You might not be ready to meet their parents, but is it really fair to turn down a dinner invitation after you’ve been dating for so long?

When you’re scared of commitment, what your gut tells you to do isn’t always the right thing to do. Sometimes, you have to choose the scariest, riskiest option over the easiest, most tempting option. Sometimes, you have to take a step back and ask yourself whether you’re pushing this person away out of fear or whether it’s the right move to make.

Unfortunately, when you’re scared of commitment, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve found the right match — and that might confuse the hell out of you. All of this time, you might have assumed a switch would flick as soon as you found your forever person. You might have assumed commitment would stop feeling like such a big, scary word as soon as you met someone who made you feel at home. But that’s not the case. You’re still going to be the same person, even after you cross paths with the love of your life.

In some ways, committing is scarier than ever when you find the right person because you really want the relationship to work out. You really don’t want to lose them. You really don’t want this to end in heartbreak for either one of you.

When you’re scared of commitment, you’re worried about more than getting your heart broken. You’re also worried about whether you’re going to be the one breaking a heart. You’re worried about whether you’re going to end up getting scared and running away when you should have planted roots to stay. You’re worried your anxiety or paranoia or selfishness is going to cause you to mess up the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

When you’re scared of commitment, it might take you a while to become comfortable with the idea of forever — but that’s okay. As long as you’re with the right person, they’ll be patient with you. They’ll wait for you. Just don’t expect them to wait forever. If they’re going to play their part, then you need to play yours too. TC mark


1. My cat will literally parkour off of my back onto the furniture. The first time it happened I thought my partner came up behind me and shoved me, but no.

2. My kitten will wait for me to turn on my computer after work so he can watch the moving background I have.

3. Every time I sneeze, my cat comes out from wherever he is and meows at me with concern. I choose to believe he’s meowing “bless you”.

4. I used to have a cat that had an obsession with Chinese food. The amount of times she trotted along with an egg roll she secured was too numerous for me comfortably admit.

5. If you are leaving for a trip she will sit on your suitcase for hours to try and prevent you from leaving.

6. My cat eats the dog’s food to assert dominance.

7. When I worked evenings he would sit on the couch near the front door waiting for me to come home. As soon as I walked up the porch he would curl up and pretend that he was asleep.

8. My previous cat would sit in my hair while I slept, butthole against my scalp.

9. The cat I had when I was a kid developed a weird habit later in her life. Whenever she was laying on me, she’d stare me dead in the eyes and just slloooooowly stretch a paw up and stick it in my mouth. Don’t know why.

10. My cat is seventeen years old. She will replicate the sound of our alarm to wake up. If we change it, she will change how she screams to get fed.

She will always, ALWAYS, scream her version of our alarm an hour early. And she will always change her screaming.

I love her screaming.

11. My cat puts live spiders in her mouth and brings them to me… in my bed… while I’m sleeping.

12. My cat can jump up and hit the ice maker so he can play with the ice cubes when they hit the floor.

13. My cat will sit facing a random room corner and just stare at it for thirty minutes. Once in a while she’ll try to attack it. I’ve checked many times there is nothing on the wall when she stares at it for thirty minutes straight.

14. My cat is obsessed with bottle caps. Whenever he hears one being unscrewed, even if he’s fast asleep and we’re across the house, he comes running to steal them. They’re his favorite toys. I keep a jar full of them, and whenever he invariably bats one under the couch or fridge, he goes and fishes a new one out.

15. Runs across the dining room and kitchen, stops as soon as she hits carpet, makes eye contact with me, and throws up

Why can’t cats throw up on hard floor? I don’t know. Does she hate me? Probably.

16. Chicken makes him angry. If he gets a piece of it, he growls and snarls until it’s gone. No other meat makes him act like that.

17. My fiancée and I have a cat who hoards straws. She will steal them right out of drinks. We never thought a whole lot of it until we moved out of our last apartment and found a massive hoard of straws under the bedroom dresser.

18. He took my dirty underwear from the basket and then buried it in his litter box.

19. My cat puts her front legs into the air and hops around like a kangaroo.

20. My mate’s cat used to crap in the toilet.

Little fucker wouldn’t flush after though.

21. My cat has an obsession with ramen noodles. Only cup noodles though. Anytime I try to eat them she steals them right as I’m about to put my fork into my mouth.

22. My Sphinx sprints for the door any time I try to open it because he wants to go outside and chew on grass, he never swallows any, he just likes to chew.

23. He once left just the head of the bunny on my front step. Not body… just a disembodied head.

24. My cat used to climb my bedroom doorway. He would back up like 10 feet and full sprint towards the doorframe then climb to the top.

25. My parents’ cat refuses to drink from a bowl on the floor (with fresh water) and will instead jump up onto the counter and demand to drink directly from the faucet. I keep telling them they need to ween the bad behavior, but he’s a brat at his core being.

26. My cat loves to dig my earplugs out of the trash and bat them around.

27. Figured out light switches. I can’t keep furniture near switches or she jump up on then to shut them off.

28. My cat for some reason HATED scrabble, and ONLY scrabble.

During a game, he would jump on the board and throw the pieces everywhere. I never understood why he did that.

29. She loves licking plastic for some reason? Things like food packaging.

30. Waking up to him somehow stuck to my goddamn ceiling three times now.

31. Drags in things from the garage that are way too big for him to drag in. Latest one was the whole roll of weedwacker string at about 10 at night. Not too play with either. Just howls the whole time and drops it when I confront him.

32. My cat just stole and either hid or ate my fiancée’s engagement ring.

33. My cat loves celery tops. She attacks the bag and rolls around in it like it’s catnip.

34. He refuses to drink water out of the cat bowl. He’ll drink out of the dog bowl and the toilet, but not the cat bowl.

35. Well my cat just hopped in the shower with me.

36. I’ve woken up to my cats licking my legs multiple times.

37. One of my cats eats tape. I’m not talking about just chewing on it a bit, like she’ll literally swallow it and then barf it up later.

38. My cat blows air out of his nose like a cartoon bull when he’s excited to play. His little nose expands and he lets out a raspy squeak through it.

39. My elderly indoor cat used to cry for me to take her outside in the winter. She would cling to me if I tried to put her down in the snow – she just wanted me to carry her around for a few minutes outdoors.

40. My cat goes bat shit crazy when she smells bleach. She frantically scent marks and spazzes out in front of the toilet every time I put it in there. She seems to be in stress. I put her in a bedroom on the other side of the house now.

41. I was on the toilet with my pants and underwear around my ankles, and she apparently thought they’d make a good hammock, so she jumped into my underwear–still around my legs–and proceeded to curl up and fall asleep.

42. I had a cat that didn’t know how to meow.

It actually didn’t speak cat. I don’t know what language this creature was speaking.

It didn’t meow. It “GAAAAHHH”ed.

Sometimes he seemed like he was honestly trying to meow, but it still just came out as “mmmmmmGAAAHH”.

He was a total sweetheart though.

43. Our cat absolutely loves being held when anyone is on the toilet. I have no idea why. She will come in the bathroom with you and beg to be picked up and purr so loudly when you hold her. It’s so fucking weird.

44. One of my kitties, Binx, has a shoe fetish. Or maybe just a foot fetish in general. loves rubbing on shoes constantly, especially when I get home and first take them off she will come dashing from the next room to shove her face in them. And she is the type of cat that will bite when you pet anywhere but her head–unless it is done with feet and then she purrs the entire time.

45. Not exactly weird, but the dumb motherfucker kept finding ways into the walls of my old apartment then scream until he found his way to an exit. Idiot.

46. He keeps on licking a certain wall (tiles) in the bathroom and a stone column in our front yard. He licks those daily. I can’t tell why he does that despite checking on Google for answers.

47. He meows for attention and only stops if I pick him up and carry him around. I’ve had to learn the difference between his “I’m hungry” meows and his “I need attention” meows and his “I don’t need anything, I’m just messing with you” meows.

48. I was having acupuncture at home and my cat jumped on the bed at looked at me with an extremely worried face. Suddenly he started taking the needles out of my body one by one with his mouth. It was quite bizarre.

49. Walked to the end of the driveway, turned around, then ran as fast as he could to the front sliding door, launched himself at the flyscreen and used the momentum in the swinging weight of his body to slide the door completely open and walked on in like the motherfucking boss he was.

50. My cat carries a stuffed fish around my house and meows with it in her mouth. TC mark


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